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SR Money

SR Money Is The Best Mobile Recharge Service Proving For Free For All With High Margin

  • Free Retailership No Hidden Or Open Charges
  • Secure And Easy Service Not Difficult Any More
  • Mobile Recharge,DTH Recharge,Fastag Recharge

SR Money Provides All Recharge Future And Service At Free With Premium Margin With API And Full Support

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SR Hosting

We Are Also Providing Best Hosting Service For All Over World With Chepest Price

  • 98% Up time And 100MBps Speed
  • Secure Service
  • Low Price For All Starter And Stable
  • Best Storage And Bandwidth In Low Price And Backup Service On Your Choose

SR Mall

Up Comming Service

SR Tools

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SR Creators

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About Us

Here We Write A Little About Ourselves So That You Can Read And Get To Know Us First

AllSR Is A Hub For All Services And Facilities

We Are Like A Team That Caters To Various Needs To Solve Your Internet Related Problems.

Quality of service

We Are A Quality Company That Cares About The Needs Of The Customers And Provides Them With An Affordable Platform.


We Work Day And Night And Accept Tough Challenges To Improve Our Service So That You Get The Best Platform For All Your Needs.


We Hope To Provide An Excellent Service That's Why We Have Divided It Into Different Branches So That You Can Adapt It According To Your Needs.

Following Are The Best Reasons To Choose Us


We Put Security First So That Your Data Is Not Stolen By Hackers And You Don't Feel Ashamed To Share Your Information With Us.


We Keep All Of Our Services Simple To Understand So That Even If You Are Not A Web Developer, You Will Have No Problem Understanding What We Provide.


We Are Known To Provide Affordable Services.
As You Have Seen And Appreciated One Of Our Services, Sr Money, We Have Provided Plans For Thousands Of Retailers Absolutely Free, Other Services Will Be Available For Free Or At Reasonable Cost.

Our Concept Is To Provide A Service That Is Affordable Automated And Optimized And Meets All The Requirements Like If You Have To Build A Web App Then I Can Definitely Say That In The Market You Will Charge Within Your Budget.
Or You Need An Essential Tool Online Which Can Be Acquired By Paying Money But Our Concept Here Is That We Work According To Your Budget And Sometimes The Apps Or Websites You Build With Us We Provide You Profit By Erasing Your Essential Data And Selling It If You Agree

If You Don't Have Time To Read Our Article Then Watch This Video

  • Explained Our Services, How To Use ect.